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[openFATE 312995] webui create incident workflow
Feature changed by: Leonardo Chiquitto (leonardocf)
Feature #312995, revision 7
Title: webui create incident workflow

Buildservice: Evaluation by engineering manager
Milestone: 2.6
Requester: Mandatory
Projectmanager: Neutral

Requested by: Stephan Barth (cybitest)
Partner organization:

Ludwig is suggesting follow workflow/webui for creating a security or
maintenance update:
1) Click on "Create Incident" in Maintenance project
2) OPTIONAL interface to searching of maintained source packages with
3) search for open incidents with these source packages. Ideally also
checking if link target is the same.
4) open patchinfo editor

#1: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse) (2014-12-08 09:42:01)
Due to personal changes this got not implemented.
I move this to 2.7, but Stephan, can you please review and check that
this is still a wanted feature?

#2: Stephan Barth (cyberiad) (2014-12-22 14:13:59) (reply to #1)
I don't see a reason for this workflow. I am adding Leonardo to this

+ #3: Leonardo Chiquitto (leonardocf) (2015-01-12 19:28:28) (reply to
+ #1)
+ For SLE, this is something we're implementing in SMASH. SMASH already
+ tracks all "pending issues", so we can collect them and create the work
+ flow using the same tool. We also need more control over the work flow
+ creation process (we want to send mails to maintainers, write comments
+ to Bugzilla, etc) and the metadata associated with it (submission
+ deadlines for example...). So, IMO, implementing this in the Build
+ Service is not something required for SLE Maintenance.
+ Having said that, I can see that such functionality could be useful for
+ openSUSE Maintenance as well. Although it's been working fine with
+ Bugzilla only for the past few years.

openSUSE Feature:

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