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[openFATE 315589] [BETA 1] Deprecate bind-mount configuration with NFSv4 export
Feature changed by: Karl Eichwalder (keichwa)
Feature #315589, revision 14
Title: [BETA 1] Deprecate bind-mount configuration with NFSv4 export

Requested by: Neil Brown (neilbrown)
Partner organization:

When NFSv4 was introduced it was not possible to export filesystems to
NFSv4 the same way as for NFSv3. The "bind=" syntax was added to
/etc/exports to help bridge the gaps.
With current kernel and nfs-utils this is no longer an issue. By
default any filesystem that is exported is exported equally to NFSv2,
v3, and v4. So we should deprecate the "bind=" syntax and eventually
remove it.
This means:
1) yasts nfs-server module should remove knowledge of "Bindmount
targets". The "bind=..." option should just be treated like any other
2) yasts nfs-server module should not encourage the "fsid=0" export
option. Like "bind=" it must still be permitted, but it should be
considered and exception rather than normal.
3) Yasts nfs-server help screens should remove mention of "bind=" and
4) Any documentation that mentioned nfs export, such as
should be changed to remove mention of bind= and fsid=, and should not
make any distinciton between NFSv4 and NFSv3.

Documentation Impact:
Admin Guide, net_nfs.xml

Test Case:
1) start yast2-nfs-server 2) try to create a NFS4 enabled export 3)
fsid=0 and / or bind= options should NOT be present in provided default
configuration 4) try to mount the export remotely

Business case (Partner benefit): Simplifies administration, reduces possible confusion,
remove unnecessary difference between SUSE and other distros.

#3: Lukas Ocilka (locilka) (2013-08-23 12:39:57)
Michal, this rather seems to be a low-hanging fruit. Please, proceed.

#4: Michal Filka (mfilka) (2014-01-24 11:19:02)
no done yet. Postponed due to work on refactoring yast2-network and new

#5: Karl Eichwalder (keichwa) (2014-04-28 17:25:07)
What about "Coexisting v3 and v4 Exports"? We have such a statement in
our docs:
NFSv3 and NFSv4 exports can coexist on a server. After enabling the
support for NFSv4 in the initial configuration dialog, those exports
for which 'fsid=0' and 'bind=/target/path' are not included in the
option list are considered v3 exports.
I'm also wondering what actually happens if you "Enable NFSv4" in yast,
or not. If you "Enable NFSv4", will yast then support both, v3 and v4?

#6: Neil Brown (neilbrown) (2014-04-29 17:15:51) (reply to #5)
We should probably revise those docs.
There is no longer an important difference between NFSv3 and NFSv4
exports. If you don't have "fsid=0" or and "bind=...." in /etc/exports
then all filesystems mentioned are exported equally via NFSv3 and
If "fsid=0" is present then the old approach still works for backward
compatibility, but we really want to avoud using that whenever

+ #7: Karl Eichwalder (keichwa) (2014-04-29 15:21:03) (reply to #6)
+ Thanks, I changed the text in the docs accordingly.
+ And I added a minimal release notes snippet.

+ Release Notes: Exporting NFSv4 Shares

+ Challenge:
+ On SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, the bind mount in /etc/exports was
+ mandatory. It is still supported, but now deprecated.

+ Solution:
+ Configuring directories for export with NFSv4 is now the same as with
+ NFSv3.

openSUSE Feature:

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