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[openFATE 315589] [BETA 1] Deprecate bind-mount configuration with NFSv4 export
Feature changed by: Karl Eichwalder (keichwa)
Feature #315589, revision 12
Title: [BETA 1] Deprecate bind-mount configuration with NFSv4 export

Requested by: Neil Brown (neilbrown)
Partner organization:

When NFSv4 was introduced it was not possible to export filesystems to
NFSv4 the same way as for NFSv3. The "bind=" syntax was added to
/etc/exports to help bridge the gaps.
With current kernel and nfs-utils this is no longer an issue. By
default any filesystem that is exported is exported equally to NFSv2,
v3, and v4. So we should deprecate the "bind=" syntax and eventually
remove it.
This means:
1) yasts nfs-server module should remove knowledge of "Bindmount
targets". The "bind=..." option should just be treated like any other
2) yasts nfs-server module should not encourage the "fsid=0" export
option. Like "bind=" it must still be permitted, but it should be
considered and exception rather than normal.
3) Yasts nfs-server help screens should remove mention of "bind=" and
4) Any documentation that mentioned nfs export, such as
should be changed to remove mention of bind= and fsid=, and should not
make any distinciton between NFSv4 and NFSv3.

Documentation Impact:
Admin Guide, net_nfs.xml

Test Case:
1) start yast2-nfs-server 2) try to create a NFS4 enabled export 3)
fsid=0 and / or bind= options should NOT be present in provided default
configuration 4) try to mount the export remotely

Business case (Partner benefit): Simplifies administration, reduces possible confusion,
remove unnecessary difference between SUSE and other distros.

#3: Lukas Ocilka (locilka) (2013-08-23 12:39:57)
Michal, this rather seems to be a low-hanging fruit. Please, proceed.

#4: Michal Filka (mfilka) (2014-01-24 11:19:02)
no done yet. Postponed due to work on refactoring yast2-network and new

+ #5: Karl Eichwalder (keichwa) (2014-04-28 17:25:07)
+ What about "Coexisting v3 and v4 Exports"? We have such a statement in
+ our docs:
+ NFSv3 and NFSv4 exports can coexist on a server. After enabling the
+ support for NFSv4 in the initial configuration dialog, those exports
+ for which 'fsid=0' and 'bind=/target/path' are not included in the
+ option list are considered v3 exports.
+ ============================================================
+ I'm also wondering what actually happens if you "Enable NFSv4" in yast,
+ or not. If you "Enable NFSv4", will yast then support both, v3 and v4?

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