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[openFATE 312491] [BETA 3] Explicit IPv6 support for YaST printer module
Feature changed by: Johannes Meixner (jsmeix)
Feature #312491, revision 15
Title: [BETA 3] Explicit IPv6 support for YaST printer module

openSUSE Distribution: Ready
Requester: Mandatory
Projectmanager: Important

Requested by: Johannes Meixner (jsmeix)
Partner organization:

Currently there is not any kind of special IPv6 support in yast2-
printer. Currently IPv6 works only where it is compatible to IPv4 but
there are cases where IPv6 needs special handling: For example the
tests whether or not a remote host is accessible run "ping IP-address
or hostname" which fails if IP-address is an IPv6 address because for
IPv6 ping6 must be used. See bnc#697833
Unfortunately ping6 cannot be used for IPv4 addresses so that yast2-
printer needs to implement special distinction of cases in particular
if a hostname is given depending on whether or not this hostname has an
IPv4 or IPv6 address or both.
Probably there are some more special distinction of cases needed to
distinguish between IPv4 and IPv6 stuff.

#1: Satoru Matsumoto (heliosreds) (2011-06-10 03:06:07)
Please do not request same features again and again. If you have
something to add, just edit your description or add comments instead of
requesting again.

#2: Johannes Meixner (jsmeix) (2011-06-10 10:39:00) (reply to #1)
Please do fix webFATE so that it does not show again and again big red
error messages full of technical stuff which is meaningless for me so
that I do not have to try again and again to get it accepted by webFATE
trying out various modifications hoping to make webFATE more hape to
finally accept it until I give up to find out later by the webFATE
mails that webFATE had actually accept it multiple times.
By the way: This is my THIRD attempt to get this comment added via
webFATE web interface!

#3: Joachim Werner (joachimwerner) (2013-08-08 16:15:20)
While IP v6 support as such is mandatory for SLE 12, I'm starting with
"important" for this feature, knowing how much we already have on the
table for YaST2. There shouldn't be anything in printer configuration
as such that makes us technically non-compliant.
A major rework of the printer module is more likely to happen for SP1
and then would definitely also cover full IP v6 enablement.

#4: Johannes Meixner (jsmeix) (2013-09-10 16:57:32)
Regarding the "ping" tests in yast2-printer:
The "ping" tests are only done as fallback if a "netcat" test before
had failed or when "netcat" is not installed (some admins won't let
netcat installed because they think it is a "hacker tool").
But the "ping" tests alone are mostly meaningless (it is of interest
whether or not one can connect to a given port at the remote host but
is is mostly meaningless whether or not the host responds to a 'ping').
Furthermore when the "ping" test fails it is often misleading ("false
alarm") because often hosts that are accessible do not respond to a
Therefore it would be best to get rid of the "ping" tests but without
the need to have netcat installed.
Fortunately the bash is not (yet?) known to be a "hacker tool" so that
we can assume bash is installed.
Then we can replace tests of the form
netcat -z 631

with a bash command like
echo -n "" >/dev/tcp/

It is important not to send any data to because
otherwise it results any kind of strange looking error messages in the
CUPS log files on (i.e. "false alarm" or "YaST does
evil things" complaints).
Using only such bash commands (without a fallback "ping") makes the
tests much simpler and more fail safe => KISS!

+ #5: Johannes Meixner (jsmeix) (2014-03-12 15:02:52)
+ Submitted yast2-printer to SUSE:SLE-12:GA via IBS submitrequest 34261

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