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[openFATE 314309] Replace laptop-mode-tools with tuned
Feature changed by: Denisart Benjamin (posophe)
Feature #314309, revision 13
Title: Replace laptop-mode-tools with tuned

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Neutral

Requested by: Andrey Lisin (avli)
Partner organization:

Due to openSUSE has moved to systemd, it may be reasonable to look at
tuned ( project, being developed by
RedHat. It seems to be more robust and fully compatible with systemd,
while laptop-mode-tools has known issues with it.

#1: Dominique Leuenberger (dimstar) (2012-08-15 20:05:17)
Thank you, this sounds like a sane proposal. Andrey: would you be
willing to spin up a package for this? (I checked, there is none in OBS
No worries, if this should be your first packaging attempts: I'll
gladly guide you and help you get this going!

#2: Andrey Lisin (avli) (2012-08-16 16:07:47)
Ok, I'll try to do it and then report the results.

#3: Andrey Lisin (avli) (2012-08-16 18:55:47)
Fortunately, spec-file is a part of tuned sources, so I just fix it to
be compatible with openSUSE. You can find it in my home project
. But I caouldn't finish the work due to error dbus service
suse-dbus-unauthorized-service (Badness: 10000) /etc/dbus-1/system.
d/com.redhat.tuned.conf The package installs a DBUS system service
file. If the package is intended for inclusion in any SUSE product
please open a bug report to request review of the service by the
security team.
For now I'm not sure how to fix it. Any ideas?

#4: phil osophe (posophe) (2012-09-24 20:21:51) (reply to #3)
Hi !
First open a review on like this : And next... I don't
remember but I attempt a answer for this step.

#5: phil osophe (posophe) (2012-09-28 22:01:31) (reply to #4)
I have solved your problem and submit the fix to you.

#6: Andrey Lisin (avli) (2012-09-29 04:32:34)
Good job! Now tuned package is available. I think, it would be a good
idea to test it for a while.

#7: phil osophe (posophe) (2012-09-29 13:11:43) (reply to #6)
Yes but I havn't any opensuse pc here. You should perhaps make a
proposal for devel on base:system for test. Next purpose a delete of
laptop-mode-tools for replacement.

#8: phil osophe (posophe) (2012-09-29 13:14:26)
And if in a few time you have in idea to submit your package for
Factory, I have finally retrieve the package you must branch and submit

#9: Wojtek Dziewięcki (vdziewiecki) (2013-12-20 16:14:21)
Any news here? laptop-mode-tools depend on pm-utils that I want to
drop, so it would be great if this feature is finished...

#10: Denisart Benjamin (posophe) (2013-12-22 16:22:18)
I will fix it but we have to discuss about replacement

#11: Wojtek Dziewięcki (vdziewiecki) (2014-02-14 15:35:59) (reply to
Did you get rid of the pm-utils dependency in SLE12 and Factory? I wanted
to drop pm-utils and I got a reply that laptop-mode-tools still depend
on it.

+ #12: Denisart Benjamin (posophe) (2014-02-24 10:26:42)
+ Now available in Factory

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