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[openFATE 314468] [RC] KVM: IVSHMEM support
Feature changed by: Olaf Kirch (okir)
Feature #314468, revision 18
Title: [RC] KVM: IVSHMEM support

Requested by: yi li (liyicybertan123)
Partner organization:

inter-VM directly commutincation, using IVSHMEM and reduce the cost
between the VMs and VMM

#1: Michal Svec (msvec) (2013-08-06 15:48:43)
We need more details what exactly is requested.

#2: yi li (liyicybertan123) (2013-08-07 06:32:38) (reply to #1)
ivshmem is an implementation of an inter-VM communication channel The
Inter-VM shared memory device is designed to share a region of memory
to userspace in multiple virtual guests. The memory region does not
belong to any guest, but is a POSIX memory object on the host. i have
check the kvm code, it is supported now. do we support it using the
libvirt ?

#3: chen zhen (hydracz) (2013-08-07 07:01:29)
Customer will use IVSHMEM shared memory to communicate among Guests OS
or between Host and Guests, this will be a more efficient way to
communicate (LOW-LATENCY, HIGH-BANDWIDTH). our partner Huawei is
planning to enable this feature in VMs and allow application to use it
please also refers to below URL for more details:

#4: Bruce Rogers (bfrogers) (2013-09-10 23:58:39)
QEMU has had the ivshmem device for some time, but we have it listed as
not supported in SLE11 SP3. I haven't looked into the details of using
this device, so can't speak to whether it even works. My only concern
is whether there might be some security issues related to its use.

#5: Jason Douglas (bigvbguy) (2013-09-11 14:39:58) (reply to #4)
Accepted pending approval from the security team as well as further
investigation that the code is supportable.

+ #7: Olaf Kirch (okir) (2014-02-17 14:03:42)
+ Beyond the security review, does this need any coding?

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