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[openFATE 307735] "Publish on Build Success" mode
Feature changed by: Adrian Schröter (adrianSuSE)
Feature #307735, revision 8
Title: "Publish on Build Success" mode

Buildservice: Evaluation by engineering manager
- Milestone: 2.5
Requester: Important
Projectmanager: Desirable

Requested by: Stephan Binner (beineri)
Partner organization:

It would be good to have a publishing mode which runs only if all
packages of a project have built successful (no fail, no expansion
errors, no broken) to prevent syncing out of a likely broken/non-
installable state. This would be especially useful for automatic
upgraded snapshots with a whole chain of interdepending packages.

#1: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse) (2010-01-22 16:20:31)
Should be a "publish only if no fail/broken/expansion errors exist)

#2: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse) (2010-02-20 12:11:31)
My suggestion is to make it possible via
<publish> <enable condition="noerror"> </disable> </publish>

#3: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2010-02-20 20:05:40)
At the same time, could we have a tunable that publishes packages
"every once in a while" (like, X hours), otherwise I am getting no sync
for days with large projects.

#4: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse) (2010-05-20 09:09:38)
That feature still needs discussion, moving to 2.5.

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