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[openFATE 308489] Source Code Distribution
Feature changed by: Adrian Schröter (adrianSuSE)
Feature #308489, revision 12
Title: Source Code Distribution

Buildservice: Implementation
- Milestone: 2.5
Requester: Mandatory
Projectmanager: Important

Requested by: Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger)
Engineering Manager: Klaas Freitag (kfreitag)
Developer: Unknown User (fate_noreply)
Partner organization:

Make it easy to download source packages of milestone and final
releases, e.g. with a specific web page with input of package name and
release version.
Btw. we should also document in the wiki properly how we distribute
source code for milestone and final releases - and how for build
service packages.

Business case (Partner benefit): Source code availability is a requirement of the various
Open Source licenses, this feature will help us to do this properly and
in a documented way.

#1: Robert Davies (robopensuse) (2009-12-07 21:07:03)
I wrote Bug up on request Bug 560868 - Enabling Source repo - has not
made src rpm available
( arising out of
this discussion on project list, started by an inquiry about
availability of source ISO [opensuse-project] opensuse source?

#2: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse) (2009-12-08 07:57:34)
I would like to see this embedded into a more general approach. We
store the information where a package was built inside the rpm in the
disturl. This tells us the OBS instance, the project, the repository
and the exact source revision.
The following features are possible via this:
* Offer a webinterface to get you to exactly this source.
* Integrate this into the distribution, in old times I would have added
this to krpmview. Just one button to press and it goes to the right
place. YaST is of course also an action. Or a small handler, which can
handle the obs:// URLs in any browser.
As coolo suggested, a tag mechanism would be nice to mark and find for
example the Milestone X package. I want see this mechanism of course
also as generic as possible ;)
Btw, we do not need a seperate web instance for this IMHO. Just let
this integrate into the interface of build.o.o and make this part also
available without login.
Further features around this comming to my mind are
* webdav interface for pointing to past sources
* on fly packaging, like tar.gz to allow one step download of all files
of a package.

#3: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse) (2010-02-19 10:59:39)
Currently driven by openSUSE Booster team.

#4: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse) (2010-05-19 15:19:55)
Parts of this feature is done with the anonymous webui access.
Parts like accessing via obs:// url depends on support to show former
versions of sources in webui. Therefore I move this to 2.5 in the hope
that we can the webui here. To be discussed with booster team.

#5: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse) (2012-04-17 09:18:07)
We do index now also release projects and also factory. What is missing
here that software.o.o understands searches for "$package-$version" or
"$fullfilename.rpm" or "...src.rpm.
Tom, is that easy to add ?

#6: Thomas Schmidt (digitaltomm) (2012-04-18 11:32:16) (reply to #5)
At the moment you search for the package name and the pick the source
link for your distribution/version. What should be the result of a
search for filename.rpm or .src.rpm?

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