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[openFATE 314840] Upgrade user configured repositories on version upgrade
Feature changed by: Mário Castanheira (SpeccyMan)
Feature #314840, revision 3
Title: Upgrade user configured repositories on version upgrade

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Xan VFR (evanarkisto)
Partner organization:

When upgrading OpenSUSE version, it would be nice to upgrade user
configured repositories versions accordingly. Now, upgrading deletes
all previously configured repositories and sets default version

#1: vazha vandan (vazhavandan) (2013-02-24 16:05:11)
How do we know that there are repos available for newer version of
openSUSE and whether have the relevant packages? openSUSE maintainers
can ensure that you will always have OSS,Non-Oss,OSS-Update,NonOss-
update.Who will ensure that other repos are available for newer
versions of openSUSE.

+ #2: Mário Castanheira (speccyman) (2013-02-26 14:40:16) (reply to #1)
+ I too agree this would be a nice addition!
+ Has to the problem raised by v.v., i think that if the repos contain
+ the release number on the URL, it would be easy for the OS to search
+ for that number on the string (e.g.: search for 12.2), replace it with
+ the one of the current version (e.g.: replace it with 12.3) and check
+ if the URL exists. If it does, then it should migrate the repo, if not,
+ deactivate it However this is just my "relatively low programing
+ knowledge" talking!
+ This also makes part of what is asked in the " Easy Upgrade " feature
+ request:
+ (

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