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[openFATE 314612] Implement GNOME SUSE Greeter
Feature changed by: vazha vandan (vazhavandan)
Feature #314612, revision 6
Title: Implement GNOME SUSE Greeter

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: vazha vandan (vazhavandan)
Partner organization:

Provide a GNOME greeter for GNOME desktop similar to KDE greeter Ref:-
old greeter:- new greeter:-
The GNOME greeter should provide information similar to KDE greeter
like explanation about:- ==>openSUSE Project ==>Community Support
==>Build Service etc: The new GNOME greeter if implemented should also
be easy to turn off through gnome-session-properties.

Business case (Partner benefit): The new GNOME greeter if implemented will explain the aim
of the openSUSE project to its end users and also provide a has a few
important links similar to KDE greeter .This would be pretty useful for
people who are new to openSUSE and also provide a sense of bonding
between openSUSE and its users

#1: Michael Catanzaro (golbats_everywhere) (2013-02-10 19:07:59)
Upstream is planning a greeter which I think will be ready for 13.1, so
it might be best to let them do the work and just patch it with
openSUSE-specific stuff.

+ #2: vazha vandan (vazhavandan) (2013-02-24 15:57:03) (reply to #1)
+ Sounds cool. Do we have a link so that I check out ?

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