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[openFATE 314851] Consider adding Fedora updates repo
Feature changed by: crayxt anonim (sotrudnik)
Feature #314851, revision 3
Title: Consider adding Fedora updates repo

Buildservice: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: crayxt anonim (sotrudnik)
Partner organization:

Dear developers, Fedora 18 was imported into OBS as it Fedora 18 was
released. Now, couple of month later, some important libraries were
updated in Fedora, and I wonder, whether it's possible to build actual
packages for Fedora via OBS? Currently those packages are still being
built against older libraries. Fox example, gnuradio was updated from
3.6.2 to 3.6.3 in Fedora, and in OBS its still 3.6.2. Gnuradio offers
only libgnuradio.3.6.3 so file. Sometimes in Fedora re-builds of
packages against new libraries happen, for example when new boost was
imported. Thank you

Business case (Partner benefit): To make Fedora builds in OBS fully functional.

#1: Michael Catanzaro (golbats_everywhere) (2013-02-17 23:00:04)
It might be better to create a bug report against OBS; the right people
may not notice this feature.

+ #2: crayxt anonim (sotrudnik) (2013-02-18 05:55:20) (reply to #1)
+ OK, reported as

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