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[openFATE 312048] KDE "System settings" intergration of YaST
Feature changed by: Kalenz . (Kalenz)
Feature #312048, revision 5
Title: KDE "System settings" intergration of YaST

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Lukas Sommer (sommerluk)
Partner organization:

Integrate the YaST modules in the KDE "System settings" application.
Not only with just 1 item that launched YaST, but with 1 item for each
YaST module being directly visible in KDE System settings - in the
right group. YaST NTP for example in the "Networking" group, YaST Boot
loader in "System" ...

#1: Dean Hilkewich (deanjo13) (2011-03-22 22:15:53)
Voted down here for the simple reason that KDE's control panel is
geared towards user specific or desktop environment settings. YaST's
modules however are geared to system wide changes which have nothing
really to do specifically with KDE and are generally not settings that
a restricted user should see all the time. (Sysadmins for example
wouldn't be crazy about users even being able to see partitioner or
bootloader modules for example).

#2: Lukas Sommer (sommerluk) (2011-03-30 09:23:56) (reply to #1)
>> KDE's control panel is geared towards user specific or desktop
environment settings Sorry, but that is not correct. KDE system
settings have yet many modules that need root rights. To name a few: -
time and date - action polices - software installation with KPackageKit
- global policy configuration - font installation which can also
install system wide fonts - K3B permissions - the yet existing simple
YaST link - KDM settings - ... No, KDE system settings are NOT geared
towards desktop specific environment settings. At least not in a
standard openSUSE installation with KDE, because all these modules are
installed by default. And all of them are visible to all users. You can
even see all the settings. But you need your root password to apply
your changes.
I think there is no problem for sysadmins. Everything that requires
root rights will need the root password. There is no security issue.
And the simple fact that users could "see" the settings should not be a
problem. With the modules that are mentioned above, it is also no

+ #3: Kalenz . (kalenz) (2013-02-12 00:28:22)
+ See also #314842 (314842) .

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