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[openFATE 314662] Use a "green Adwaita" GTK theme
Feature changed by: Narayansamy S (vazhavandan)
Feature #314662, revision 8
Title: Use a "green Adwaita" GTK theme

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Michael Catanzaro (golbats_everywhere)
Partner organization:

openSUSE 12.1/12.2 uses the upstream Adwaita GTK theme. This is mostly
good, since it's a very high-quality theme, and I believe one of our
goals is to not diverge much from the upstream GNOME experience.
However, GNOME's main color is blue, whereas ours is green. When
highlighting text, the highlight is blue. When selecting an item in a
list, the background turns blue. When selecting the scrollbar, the
scrollbar turns blue. When typing into a text form, the form is
outlined in blue. I propose we change the blue elements of Adwaita to
green elements (by default). This should be all that is changed, so
that the theme remains simple to maintain, retains the GNOME feel, and
keeps upstream happy.
I separately propose using the Sonar icon set by default in GNOME,
which still works great in 12.2 and is very very close to upstream
GNOME. This is not essential to the overall proposal.
Screenshots of a mockup:
Current ( ~ Proposed
Current ( ~ Proposed
Current ( ~ Proposed

Business case (Partner benefit): A green Adwaita theme would fit both upstream GNOME and
also openSUSE, and would add a level of polish and integration to the
distro. The current "blue Adwaita" theme feels out of place in
openSUSE, particularly considering the attention to artistic detail in
other parts of the distribution.

#1: Richard Brown (rbrownccb) (2012-12-03 14:36:59)
I've been thinking along these lines too, I really like the idea I
reached out to the team working on a new KDE theme for 12.3
and quite like the idea of using their colour pallettes as the basis
for a green, so we can have some consistancy across the two
environments (see (darker)
and (lighter))

#3: Michael Catanzaro (golbats_everywhere) (2012-12-05 14:47:54) (reply
to #1)
I'm experimenting with some of the colors from the lighter theme now.
It's definitely looking better!

#2: Stefano Canepa (stefanocanepa) (2012-12-03 23:24:30)
What about a dark version of the Adwaita green theme?

#4: Michael Catanzaro (golbats_everywhere) (2012-12-05 14:48:38) (reply
to #2)
Indeed, it actually has to be three themes:
GTK2 GTK3 - light GTK3 - dark

+ #5: Narayansamy S (vazhavandan) (2013-02-02 04:35:24)
+ I would like this to be added as default but also provide upstream
+ adwaita too :-)

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