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[openFATE 314699] Setting hostname during installation
Feature changed by: Dainius Masiliunas (GreatEmerald)
Feature #314699, revision 5
Title: Setting hostname during installation

openFATE: Rejected by Christian Boltz (cboltz)
reject reason: already implemented
Requester: Desirable

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Chris Gnineil (zerum)
Partner organization:

Currently the hostname after installation is set to a random name with
the syntax "". It would be nice if there is an option
to set the hostname of the machine manually while the installation.

#1: Graham Davis (scarlet-jade) (2012-12-15 14:31:33)
I'm a bit puzzled. It has always been possible to change host- and
domain-names during installation; I think I've been doing it since SuSE
7.3 or thereabouts. When the installation stops at a page with with the
names displayed in a couple of boxes, just overwrite them.

#2: Christian Boltz (cboltz) (2012-12-15 21:13:40)
The bevaviour you describe (random hostname) is part of the "automatic
configuration" (I hope I rememer the name right - I usually do only
"zypper dup" ;-)
If you disable the automatic configuration (see the checkbox on this
), YaST will ask you to enter a hostname and various other things.
Since this option is already available, I'll close this feature
request. If you disagree, please reopen - but for product "openSUSE
distribution" instead of "openFATE" ;-)

#3: Michael Catanzaro (golbats_everywhere) (2012-12-17 04:10:59)
I've reopened. Glad to know this feature does exist, but I've never
known despite having done several installs with both DVD and live CD.
(Because I've never unchecked that box - the description makes it seem
like the sort of box normal people shouldn't touch. :-) This is
something most users will want to set (otherwise the terminal prompt
looks pretty bad, especially since it ends in .site), so I think it'd
be nice to split it into the main portion of the installer.
Lastly, I BELIEVE automatic configuration is mandatory if you install
from the live CD - this option should be available in live CD

+ #4: Dainius Masiliunas (greatemerald) (2013-01-25 12:32:06)
+ Yes, this would be a good feature. Unchecking the automatic
+ configuration box means having to go through quite a lot of steps just
+ to change the computer's name. I'd think that the name should be set in
+ the same screen as the user password.

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