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[openFATE 314709] Remove cylinder measurement in Yast Partitioner
Feature changed by: Roman Bysh (Romanator)
Feature #314709, revision 20
Title: Remove cylinder measurement in Yast Partitioner

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Mandatory

Requested by: Roman Bysh (romanator)
Partner organization:

The use of "cylinder measurement" during partitioning should be removed
by openSUSE.
Since 2009 new drives use LBA making the use of cylinders a feature
- that should be deprecated. Except for older drives
+ that should be deprecated.
I am asking that a "gui" slider representation of the hard drive be
implemented to allow the user to create and resize partitions in
megabytes, gigabytes and in the near future terabytes.

#1: Ned Ulbricht (ned_ulbricht) (2013-01-02 17:59:15)
Cylinder alignment is still required for dual-boot compatability with
Windows XP.
That use case may or may not be all that important to us anymore.
However, at the very least, a change which breaks things in that
scenario should be well-documented as NOT SUPPORTED anymore.
There are known issues with MBR partitioning using Microsoft Vista (or
later) diskpart, which aligns on 1MB boundaries, when XP compatibility
is still required. I don't have a setup like that myself, so I'm not up
on the exact details. But the issues have bitten others.

#2: Ned Ulbricht (ned_ulbricht) (2013-01-02 18:21:17) (reply to #1)
Here's one of the known issues:
( "You cannot install Windows XP
successfully after you use Windows Vista or Windows PE 2.0 to create
partitions on a hard disk"

#3: Roman Bysh (romanator) (2013-01-07 18:23:58)
I understand about dual boot operating systems. What I'm asking
openSUSE is to update the gui partitioner so that it measures in MB, GB
and TB.
Microsoft and Apple partitioners create and resize this way including
other Linux distros. Yes?

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