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[openFATE 314709] Remove cylinder measurement in Yast Partitioner
Feature changed by: Ned Ulbricht (ned_ulbricht)
Feature #314709, revision 10
Title: Remove cylinder measurement in Yast Partitioner

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Mandatory

Requested by: Roman Bysh (romanator)
Partner organization:

The use of "cylinder measurement" during partitioning should be removed
by openSUSE.
Now that newer drives use " LBA " the use of cylinders is no longer
This should be replaced with a slider that measures partitions in
megabytes, gigabytes and in the near future terabytes.

#1: Ned Ulbricht (ned_ulbricht) (2013-01-02 17:59:15)
Cylinder alignment is still required for dual-boot compatability with
Windows XP.
That use case may or may not be all that important to us anymore.
However, at the very least, a change which breaks things in that
scenario should be well-documented as NOT SUPPORTED anymore.
There are known issues with MBR partitioning using Microsoft Vista (or
later) diskpart, which aligns on 1MB boundaries, when XP compatibility
is still required. I don't have a setup like that myself, so I'm not up
on the exact details. But the issues have bitten others.

+ #2: Ned Ulbricht (ned_ulbricht) (2013-01-02 18:21:17) (reply to #1)
+ Here's one of the known issues:
+ ( "You cannot install Windows XP
+ successfully after you use Windows Vista or Windows PE 2.0 to create
+ partitions on a hard disk"

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