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[openFATE 314454] A more powerfull, intuitive and complete installation process
Feature changed by: Lukas Krejza (gryffus)
Feature #314454, revision 4
Title: A more powerfull, intuitive and complete installation process

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: phil osophe (posophe)
Partner organization:

Actually, install opensuse is fast and usefull and system is quickly
accessible. But some functions should be implement for a logical and
complete installation process like include a first fingerprints
analysis for being accessible on first boot or a login picture select.
A simple question with multiple answers like "What usage of this pc do
you think to make ?" for determine if a closed-source driver is needed.
At last, a clean-up of none used drivers could be a plus like

Use Case:
I launch yast2 for install opensuse. When it start, I select type of
usage of pc: - gaming : closed-source - multimedia : open-source ( In
my mind the radeonhd driver is powerfull ) - professional : same as
multimedia In a few screens, i create user account and next I scan my
fingerprints for don't searching how to do later. And in the next
screen I select a picture or take a picture with a webcam ( like
ubiquity )

Business case (Partner benefit): More simple for newbies users :
Finding how to add fingerprints is not easy for new users and
personnaly I like this function ;
For closed-source drivers, it's difficult again to know how install a
closed source driver because it's needed, ... ;
And to conclude, a post-install removal process permit a more clean

#1: Simone Ramacci (simosito) (2012-10-15 12:34:36)
I think very few people actually use Linux for gaming only, right now.
Anyway, for the usecase you proposed I think #308388 (308388) is a far
better solution. But a more user-friendly way of choosing software
patterns could be interesting.

+ #2: Lukas Krejza (gryffus) (2013-01-02 16:53:12)
+ 4 of my 5 friends i migrated to openSUSE are using linux for games...
+ There is Savage2, Heroes of Newerth, Steam for linux, wine...

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