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[openFATE 312190] Right click mount .iso
Feature changed by: Lukas Krejza (gryffus)
Feature #312190, revision 16
Title: Right click mount .iso

openSUSE Distribution: New
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Roger Luedecke (shadowolf7)
Partner organization:

Make it so that one can merely rightclick a disk image to select
"mount" to mount it.

#1: Mustafaa al-Hamdaani (mustafa1987) (2011-04-10 11:16:09)
Something like KDE CDEmu (
20CDEmu%20Manager?content=99752) would be great, it supports various
disk image formats (not only iso), I use Daemon Tools in Windows and I
miss this feature in Linux (or install it from source)

#2: Bernhard Wiedemann (bmwiedemann) (2011-04-10 18:55:08)
For ISO9660 CD images, there is kio_iso(in KDE) and fuseiso
everywhere... it might need better integration in GNOME/nautilus.

#3: Roger Luedecke (shadowolf7) (2011-04-11 10:24:27)
Am going to try fuseiso. If that provides the functionality, why isn't
it installed by default?

#4: Jos Poortvliet (jospoortvliet) (2011-05-23 22:35:55) (reply to #3)
If it has a nice right-click menu and is packaged on OBS it should go
into factory. That means the maintainer has to request it to be added.
Nothing more to it...

#5: Roger Luedecke (shadowolf7) (2011-06-01 23:01:55) (reply to #4)
How do we manage that? Also, how about making sure that is in 12.1?

#6: Roger Luedecke (shadowolf7) (2011-09-06 16:46:42)
CDemu looks like it will be included in 12.1 with a menu extension.

#7: Dmitri Naumov (dnaumov) (2012-06-27 12:21:36)
This feature is present in 12.1 Gnome. Mark as done?

#8: Samuel Jones (orangutanclyde) (2012-11-07 22:17:51) (reply to #7)
Not clear if its included in the KDE release though.

+ #9: Lukas Krejza (gryffus) (2013-01-02 15:51:04)
+ Acetoneiso supports almost any cd/dvd-image (nrg, bin, dmg, mds/mdf etc
+ etc) format in contrast to fuseiso and cdemu, but has not a context
+ menu in file browser.

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