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[openFATE 314729] Include oracle java JRE installer rpm in non-oss repo
Feature changed by: Lukas Krejza (gryffus)
Feature #314729, revision 2
Title: Include oracle java JRE installer rpm in non-oss repo

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Shekhar Neupane (wildnux)
Partner organization:

Many new users find it very hard to install Java JRE in after they
install opensuse distro. Since Oracle does not allow distributions to
package java rpms, it would be great if there was some package in the
non-oss repository that would download the installer from oracle's
server and install java automatically for the user. I have created one
project in build service for such package which would run installation
script while installing and uninstallation script while uninstalling
the package:
Note: that is just one quick workaround, which can be greatly improved
to provide a better workaround for easier java installation.

Business case (Partner benefit): Because oracle does not let distributions to package java
anymore, and new users always have trouble installing it correctly.

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Lukas Krejza (gryffus) (2013-01-01 20:22:37)
+ If we are not allowed to package Java in RPM and also let RPM to
+ download java online, what about at least include it on packman?
+ Sun/Oracle Java us much faster than icedtea, which most applies to java
+ games (minecraft i.e.) which decreases usability (users do not know
+ that there is another, faster java than which they have installed)

openSUSE Feature:

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