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[openFATE 313457] IP address management options for duplicate IP
Feature changed by: phanisvara das (phanisvara)
Feature #313457, revision 4
Title: IP address management options for duplicate IP

Buildservice: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Chris Randles (chrisrandles)
Partner organization:

If serverA has IP Address and is powered down, and serverB
is configured with the same IP address, then when both serverA and B
are running there can be issues. While, admittedly, this is an
Administrative issue, the customer would like to see a way to do one of
the following: 1. If, when the network is coming up, the ip address is
bound already on another box, prevent this server from loading/binding
the configured IP address (although I can see this as a security
issue). 2. Bind a default address 3. Get a DHCP address and once the
system is up email the admin with the problem

+ Discussion:
+ #1: phanisvara das (phanisvara) (2012-05-08 21:21:22)
+ now this sounds like a really weird idea to me. i must admit that i'm
+ not network guru, but i definitely want to know which machien has which
+ IP address, without having to check further into the filesystem, or
+ whatever.
+ and what's the need to configure two machines with the same IP? this
+ goes completely against whatever little i've understood about
+ networking...

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