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[openFATE 313151] Opensuse 12.2 - kde update conflicts - there needs to be only one!
Feature changed by: Jedi Beeftrix (Jedibeeftrix)
Feature #313151, revision 3
- Title: opensuse 12.2: kde update conflicts - there needs to be only
+ Title: Opensuse 12.2 - kde update conflicts - there needs to be only

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Requested by: Jedi Beeftrix (jedibeeftrix)
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not a technical person so only a limited ability to explain this, but
here goes: back in the day we used YAST, it found updates and installed
them, all was ok in the world. then we needed desktop notifiers to
inform the user that new updates were available, and all was good in
the world. then we decided that the notifier ought to be able to
install updates, and two parallel systems were born, and thus was
conflict brought into the world. then we had kpackagekit which promised
to return the user to the blessed lands of update
management+notification nirvana, but the dream was not realised. then
apper arrived promising to correct the flaws of kpackagekit, but still
we get conflicts were one service is blocked by the (invisible)
operation of the other. ---------------------------- We need a simpler
for 12.2, can we make apper call YAST to install updates, or YAST use
packagekit as the 'backend', but not have two parallel systems of
updates that invariably tie themselves in knots?
kind regards

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