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[openFATE 313168] Suggestion for making KDE4 base apps portable and stand-alone.
Feature changed by: hal dawn (finders)
Feature #313168, revision 2
Title: Suggestion for making KDE4 base apps portable and stand-alone.

- openFATE: Unconfirmed
+ openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: hal dawn (finders)
Partner organization:

Suggestion for making KDE4 base apps portable and stand-alone. KDE4
requires me to install apple device compatibility libraries and desktop
search if I dare to install any KDE4 application on top of minimal X
setup. (I'm not talking about patterns) I don't have any apple devices
to use with my KDE4 desktop and I'm not interested in desktop search
features, even less interested in social network integration. If I
choose to install plasma desktop, kde session, dolphin, kmix, kwrite,
ksnapshot and konsole... I'd expect it to install just these things
that I asked for, not PIM, sql servers, zeitgeist, strigi and nepomuk.
Certainly not libs for my non-existant iphone and my non-existant QR
code reader. If I dare to remove any of these dependencies, I end up
with broken KDE which should not be the case, I'm aware KDE4 can be
built without them. Mandatory libs required for basic functionality
should be merged into kdelibs4 package, the rest should be optional.
(My opinion anyway) Bonus RPG quote :
The Builder places thy challenges before thee as a stairway of hewn
stone up the tower of thine life. When thou seekest to add to those
challenges, to compass thine pride, thou dost clutter the design of the
stairway, and introduce cracks and weaknesses, through which The
Trickster mayest enter and bring thy ruin!

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