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[openFATE 313152] Distribution cleanup (smaller disk footprint)
Feature changed by: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh)
Feature #313152, revision 2
Title: Distribution cleanup (smaller disk footprint)

openSUSE Distribution: New
Requester: Mandatory

Requested by: Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger)
Partner organization:

We want to have an as small as default base system (default text
install) as possible.
For this, I suggest to install a base system and investigate then what
can be done to decrease the footprint.
One idea is to check documentation (in /usr/share/doc/packages) and
move them to doc or devel package (with the exception of license
files). Also, we can check whether all dependencies (manual requires)
are still correct - or in other words: Does every package that's there
needs to be in the base install?

Business case (Partner benefit): A small base system is important especially for
appliances and virtual environments.

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2012-01-23 22:37:26)
+ Looks like a duplicate of . Not
+ installing Recommends by default would be one way to minimize the
+ minimal install..

openSUSE Feature:

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