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[openFATE 308473] Context menu to switch between sheets
Feature changed by: Gerald Pfeifer (GeraldPfeifer)
Feature #308473, revision 16
Title: Context menu to switch between sheets

Requested by: Kohei Yoshida (kohei_yoshida)
Partner organization:

In Excel (see the screenshot attached to, right-clicking on
the sheet arrows brings up the context menu. Supporting a similar
context-menu in Calc would be beneficial as well. Especially when there
are lots and lots of sheets in a single document, it's not very
convenient to go through all those sheets to get to the right one.

#1: Matthias Nagorni (mnagorni) (2010-09-27 19:30:31)
Sounds like an easy to do usability feature. Can we add this ?

#2: Stefan Behlert (sbehlert) (2011-03-15 17:05:01)
I'm not seeing a screenshot - Kohei, how much work would that be?

#3: Gerald Pfeifer (geraldpfeifer) (2011-03-18 22:15:50) (reply to #2)
Looks like a nice enhancement if it's a couple of days (at most).

#4: Kohei Yoshida (kohei_yoshida) (2011-04-12 12:30:48)
A nice UI enhancement. Let's give this to bubli.

#5: Jan Holesovsky (kendysan) (2011-12-16 11:09:02)
These buttons behave a bit diffently, compared to Excel. Eg. they are
disabled when all the sheet tabs are shown, which does not seem to be
the case in Excel.
Either way - I'd create an EasyHack out of this, if no objections; this
does not seem to be a top prio feature?

#6: Kohei Yoshida (kohei_yoshida) (2012-01-03 11:41:21) (reply to #5)
Sure. No objection from me.

+ #7: Gerald Pfeifer (geraldpfeifer) (2012-01-05 14:05:56) (reply to #5)
+ Fine with me.
+ How do we track this, then? (I assume this should be rejected for 3.4
+ and be moved to 3.6? If you agree, can you make this change, Kendy?

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