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[openFATE 312946] Mate repo for openSUSE
Feature changed by: Rajko Matovic (rajko_m)
Feature #312946, revision 9
Title: Mate repo for openSUSE

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: ursan marius bogdan (creatura85)
Partner organization:

Around the world users still like the Gnome 2 DE. Gnome2 has forked now
in to Mate DE , so
i think that beside a kde3 repo, a Mate repo for Gnome2 users of
openSUSE is needed.

Business case (Partner benefit): The Mate repo can be used by users who cant run Gnome3 or
for users that don`t like Gnome3 but still like Gnome2, old school

#1: Ilya Chernykh (ansus) (2011-11-13 02:37:52)
Linux Mint reported 40% increase in user base due the fact they stick
with Gnome 2.

#2: ursan marius bogdan (creatura85) (2011-11-17 14:43:43) (reply to
That`s true, i wonder if this can boost openSUSE in popularity as well :)

#4: Rajko Matovic (rajko_m) (2011-12-26 16:03:53) (reply to #1)
What method is used to determine number (40%)? In other words, taking
that you don't have registered users as proprietary solutions, how do
you count your user base?
See this and
add whatever site you like in the fields below graph. That is: *
expressed in numbers of visitors * it is result of third party service
- not a potential self promotion

#3: xitix collian (xitix) (2011-12-01 09:45:29)
It is like Gnome Desktop Environment developers are now working against
Linux... Pure Gnome3 is just a BIG & major regress on Linux desktop, it
makes Linux desktop productivity more difficult and bring useless
features. Even the bars are frozen, you cannot interact, neither visual
customize or configure anything. The only Linux Mint & Mate bring some
hope... I have installed open SUSE just because Linux Mint 12 have some
installation bugs on HP d530 desktop, if no Mate repo I will leave open

+ #5: Rajko Matovic (rajko_m) (2011-12-26 18:04:16) (reply to #3)
+ You was under different name/nick on mail lists (your desktop tells
+ that). Your short sentence about GNOME3 tells how much effort you put
+ to learn new GUI (graphical user interface), which is to be honest too
+ little to make any informed decision. It shows that you tried some
+ methods that worked with previous version, and they didn't work. For
+ that I needed lesser then 10 seconds. I'm not Gnome user, so you can
+ imagine that when I was able to use it in a minutes, it must be at
+ least something well designed. This screenshot
+ shows
+ what I've seen. Customizations are something that will come. They are
+ not essential for desktop functionality so their development comes
+ after basic functionality works dependably. The Linux Mint is yet
+ another distro that I didn't find compelling reasons to try, unlike
+ Ubuntu, but their effort with Mate is at the beginning and it will have
+ initial problems as any other development project. That will not help
+ to integrate it very soon in openSUSE, as people that are interested in
+ it and skilled enough to create packages that will build and run under
+ openSUSE, will have more trouble to do that. The same happened with
+ Unity. At the end guy that tried to package it for openSUSE gave up
+ until Ubuntu will have stable version. Your threat to leave openSUSE if
+ there is no Mate desktop has not effect on speed and chance to see Mate
+ in openSUSE, as it depends on other factors that you can influence only
+ if you take time and learn how to bring it in openSUSE. That is the
+ same route Ilya, a guy that created this feature request, took with
+ KDE3. KDE3 lives within openSUSE just because he made that happen, not
+ because he said "I will not use openSUSE if someone doesn't bring KDE3
+ to me." and then someone, all of the sudden, dropped all of his
+ favorite activities within openSUSE to satisfy Ilya's wish for KDE3.
+ There is OBS ( ) that offers relatively easy
+ way to bring in software and package it for openSUSE, Fedora, Debian,
+ Ubuntu and more. There is helpful community of packagers willing to
+ help those that want to put in some effort, but they will not abandon
+ their favorite projects to package and maintain anything for those that
+ only show up and say "I want this."

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