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[openFATE 305144] Yast as a Linux learning tool
Feature changed by: Gábor Nyers (gnyers)
Feature #305144, revision 35
Title: Yast as a Linux learning tool

openSUSE-11.1: Rejected
Requester: Desirable

openSUSE-11.2: Rejected by Christoph Thiel (cthiel1)
reject date: 2009-07-16 17:56:25
reject reason: out of resources for 11.2.
Requester: Desirable
Projectmanager: Desirable

openSUSE-11.3: Rejected by Andreas Jaeger (a_jaeger)
reject date: 2010-11-08 16:25:26
reject reason: not done.
Requester: Desirable

openSUSE-11.4: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Alexey Eremenko (fenixnbk)
Requested by: Matthias Eckermann (mge1512)
Product Manager: Federico Lucifredi (flucifredi)
Partner organization:

Hi All !
I Have very good new idea: converting Yast into a Linux learning tool.
This is very simple to achieve: Yast must show the commands it executes
and files it modifies, in a nice GUI dialog.
It will allow all kinds of Linux users understand how things really
work. Enable learn new things or remind how old-but-forgotten things
work for seasoned people.
Great, isn't it ?
P.S. Jay Vollmer recommends, that among the commands that Yast shows as
it executing, it should also recommend "man pages" for the relevant
underlying commands.
-- -Alexey Eromenko "Technologov", 29.jul.2008.

- [Feature-request] Yast as a Linux learning tool (novell/bugzilla/id:

#1: Alexey Eremenko (fenixnbk) (2008-07-29 12:09:11)
Rajko M. wrote:
If one wants to see what is gong on in background, than look at logs in
realtime. There is console (Konsole) and command tail. Run as root:
tail -f /var/log/YaST2/y2log
and then start YaST and play with.
-- -Alexey Eromenko "Technologov", 29.jul.2008.

#2: Jerry Houston (effjay) (2008-07-29 15:41:34)
Sounds like a great way for new users to learn more about what's under
the hood. Or, what's under the bonnet, for the Brits.

#3: Cyril Hrubis (metan) (2008-07-31 07:11:21)
Moving to maintainers to decide.

#7: Federico Lucifredi (flucifredi) (2008-08-01 19:35:40)
It is kinda late for 11.1, but it is an idea worth pursuing.

#8: Michael Löffler (michl19) (2008-08-15 16:32:56)
agreeing with Federico this might be to late for 11.1 but should be
accomplished with 11.2

#9: Stanislav Visnovsky (visnov) (2008-09-11 11:59:01)
What we will have for 11.1 is the infrastructure for YaST modules to
write this information into /var/log/YaST2/y2changes log file. So far,
no YaST module has support for this, but it can be added gradually.
Thus, postponing for 11.2.

#10: Federico Lucifredi (flucifredi) (2009-01-07 19:45:36)
At engineering's discretion, we can start working on this.

#13: Barry Nichols (barry_nichols) (2010-07-08 07:26:38)
I believe that YaST is a great tool to provide a level of abstraction
between a user who doesn't care what files need to be edited to change
things; however, a user wishing to become more knowledgeable about how
GNU/Linux works would do better to read about it.

#14: seleko seleko (seleko) (2010-08-20 09:46:36)
Its the way SMIT in AIX works...
Im really not so sure its good idea.

#15: Gábor Nyers (gnyers) (2010-08-24 23:16:29)
It seems a useful addition to me... Beside the educational aspect the
trasparancy of it could win a lot of appreciation. Being able to see
what YaST is doing would increase the sense of control, not in the
least for admins who are more  familiar with other distro's.

#16: Roger Luedecke (shadowolf7) (2011-04-02 22:01:22)
Just add an expandable window to show the console output. Great idea I
think. Man pages aren't necessary since man pages are very simple to
access any way. This would also solve the request for more verbosity.

+ #17: Gábor Nyers (gnyers) (2011-12-18 01:23:35)
+ Though only covering the "modified files" aspect of this feature
+ request, snapper could play a role here.
+ By making examining of the changes of files and their content initiated
+ by YaST possible, Snapper would definitely be an aid in helping people
+ to learn YaST. So, Snapper, besides its other significant merits,
+ should be also "marketed" as such.

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