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[openFATE 310937] Mobile Broadband Assistant Wizard
Feature changed by: Roger Luedecke (Shadowolf7)
Feature #310937, revision 12
Title: Mobile Broadband Assistant Wizard

- openSUSE-11.4: New
- Priority
- Requester: Important

openSUSE Distribution: New
Requester: Important

Requested by: Denholm Crone (pdc_2)
Partner organization:

- can I suggest this could be valuable addition to OpenSuse for mobile
- broadband?
+ Though the NetworkManager applet does a good job of configuring Mobile
+ Broadband connections, the steps to have the hardware itself useful are
+ daunting. I propose that we have a wizard that assists in that process,
+ leaving the job of connecting to NetworkManager.
+ 1) Upon launch, it checks hardware to know what is needed
+ 2) Checks drivers to make sure the hardware can be used.
+ 3) If good, then proceed.
+ 4) If bad, then search for driver in enabled repos and then online.
+ 5) Asks about service area, provider/carrier, and GSM vs CDMA if
+ necessary.
+ 6) Checks information against a table/database and downloads appropriate *.
+ exe from provider, or points the user to the appropriate webpage.
+ 7) Automatically extracts appropriate firmware from *.exe and places in
+ correct firmware directory.
+ 8) Launches Gnome Connection Manager (KDE does not work properly yet
+ for Mobile Broadband) and allows connection to be made. If possible
+ embed module in Wizard for aesthetics.

#1: Carl Fletcher (caf4926) (2010-12-04 07:56:14)
Looks like a great idea to incorporate. We have a lot of questions and
issues with this in the forum.

#2: Rajko Matovic (rajko_m) (2010-12-09 02:48:23)
I added openSUSE Distribution as product. If it is too late for 11.4
then distribution can keep this addition from being forgotten.

#3: Roger Luedecke (shadowolf7) (2011-05-19 22:28:51)
Dear god, please let something like this make it in. My hpun2400 is
useless as it stands, and I hate having to use Windows just for my
mobile 3g.

#4: Roger Luedecke (shadowolf7) (2011-09-08 05:55:21)
It took me forever to figure out how to get my Gobi working. Thankfully
I did, and it was relatively simple... but not immediately obvious at

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