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[openFATE 312439] spec files should support xz compressed sources per default
Feature changed by: Sascha Peilicke (saschpe)
Feature #312439, revision 6
Title: spec files should support xz compressed sources per default

- Buildservice: Unconfirmed
+ Buildservice: Rejected by Sascha Peilicke (saschpe)
+ reject reason: See
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Ruediger Meier (rudi_m)
Partner organization:

I think it's always good to hype xz compression, so doing it here for
the build system.
It should be possible to use xz compressed tar balls like bz2 or gz
without having "BuildRequires xz" in every spec file. Also would be
nice to add a note to the packaging guidelines that xz is the preferred
compression over bz2 and gz.
Maybe this way xz could slowly replace gz and bz2 as default
compression for package sources.
We need to add xz dependency to openSUSE:Factory's prjconf (and other
projects?) and update some (meta) packages, like build, ... Don't know
exactly the places where to change it globally.

Business case (Partner benefit): 1. faster decompression than bz2 - less load on build
2. better compression ratio - less traffic / more speed when using osc
commit, checkout, update, ...

#1: Ruediger Meier (rudi_m) (2011-10-19 12:34:08)
There is another good reason to backport xz to old distros per default.
Many factory packagers are using xz already for their sources. Users
who want to clone such packages for recompiling on old distros have to
re-pack the sources or need to clone xz/tar too.
I've spent some time to make tar and xz packages very portable in Base:
System. All we need is to include them into OBS distros somehow.

#2: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2011-10-19 23:07:21)
See also Seems to
take a looong time to add xz...

#3: Ruediger Meier (rudi_m) (2011-10-19 23:37:39) (reply to #2)
Yes, and if I had known that it's even a design problem to enable xz
sources on old distros per default (see
) then I had written an opposite feature request "don't allow xz
compressed sources on OBS". Because the xz BuildRequires often breaks
the common use case to link/clone packages for backporting easily to
older distros.
For now there is no benefit when using xz on OBS. I guess all existing
xz compressed sources are at least one time duplicated uploaded as
gz/bz2. Thus currently using xz will increase HD usage on OBS and waste
life time of packagers.

+ #4: Sascha Peilicke (saschpe) (2011-12-02 15:13:31)
+ See

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