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[openFATE 312946] Mate repo for openSUSE
Feature changed by: xitix collian (xitix)
Feature #312946, revision 6
Title: Mate repo for openSUSE

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: ursan marius bogdan (creatura85)
Partner organization:

Around the world users still like the Gnome 2 DE. Gnome2 has forked now
in to Mate DE , so
i think that beside a kde3 repo, a Mate repo for Gnome2 users of
openSUSE is needed.

Business case (Partner benefit): The Mate repo can be used by users who cant run Gnome3 or
for users that don`t like Gnome3 but still like Gnome2, old school

#1: Ilya Chernykh (ansus) (2011-11-13 02:37:52)
Linux Mint reported 40% increase in user base due the fact they stick
with Gnome 2.

#2: ursan marius bogdan (creatura85) (2011-11-17 14:43:43) (reply to
That`s true, i wonder if this can boost openSUSE in popularity as well :)

+ #3: xitix collian (xitix) (2011-12-01 09:45:29)
+ It is like Gnome Desktop Environment developers are now working against
+ Linux... Pure Gnome3 is just a BIG & major regress on Linux desktop, it
+ makes Linux desktop productivity more difficult and bring useless
+ features. Even the bars are frozen, you cannot interact, neither visual
+ customize or configure anything. The only Linux Mint & Mate bring some
+ hope... I have installed open SUSE just because Linux Mint 12 have some
+ installation bugs on HP d530 desktop, if no Mate repo I will leave open

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