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[openFATE 313035] Invent Consistent Font Naming Schema
Feature changed by: Thomas Schraitle (thomas-schraitle)
Feature #313035, revision 11
Title: Invent Consistent Font Naming Schema

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Thomas Schraitle (thomas-schraitle)
Partner organization:

Current State
Currently, our package names for fonts are suboptimal. Here are some

From a usability perspective, it would be better to make a consistent
naming schema for font packages. Naming schemas from other
* Ubuntu: prefix with "ttf-"
* Fedora: suffix with "-fonts"
With the above inconcistency, popular fonts like LinuxLibertine or
dejavu cannot be found.
Please document any decisions in the Package Guidelines regarding how
to name our fonts correctly and consistently.
Taken from the opensuse-packaging mailinglist:
* Renamed packages should contain a Provides+Obsoletes keyword in their
SPEC file
* Renamed packages should contain their Ubuntu name in Provides. For
example: Name: roboto-fonts, Provides:ttf-roboto

- Package Guidelines (url:
+ - Mail Thread on opensuse-packaging ML (url:
- Old Wiki Page for Font Package Layout (url:
- Ubuntu Font Package List (url:
- Fedora Font Package List (url:*-fonts*?_csrf_token=b2721571e462ba9a4dbb87068cad45089ec9dc43)

Business case (Partner benefit): The benefits:
* Consistency: easier to find, easier to install
* Usability: better to memorize and therefor easier to find
* Migration: Users from other distributions find their fonts easier

#1: Michael Foerster (yamaban) (2011-12-01 00:22:29)
A suffix *-font(s) would be a good start. Yes, that would include ALL
fonts, but for the details (e.g: vector/woff/ttf/otf/t1/bitmap) there's
also the description field. (see "zypper se" or A prefix ttf- / otf- / t1- could
be added or not, even at a later date.
Maybe even gatter all fonts in a 'devel' repo, to give them a central

#2: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2011-12-01 00:31:14)
>Currently, our package names for fonts are suboptimal. Well, the
package name usually follows the upstream project name. >Ubuntu: prefix
with "ttf-" Hah, something only Ubuntu could have come up with. As if
everything was ttf. >Fedora: suffix with "-fonts" unifont-fonts sounds
kinda weird and redundant.
I would argue that is precisely what RPM groups are for. Search in the
System/X11/Fonts category and voilĂ .

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