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[openFATE 310668] run pulseaudio server with 'flat-volumes=no'
Feature changed by: robert spitzenpfeil (robert_spitzenpfeil)
Feature #310668, revision 8
Title: run pulseaudio server with 'flat-volumes=no'

openSUSE-11.4: New
Requester: Important

Requested by: robert spitzenpfeil (robert_spitzenpfeil)
Partner organization:

I listen to music while writing... and every single time I change songs
a hilariously loud POP is almost killing my ears. This is annoying and
painful. What's also annoying is that with 'flat-volumes = yes' the
master volume is changed to the loudest individual stream. If a rogue
application should choose to up the volume, my ears get fried
(headphones !) Personally I think the purpose of having a master volume
slider is to limit the max volume to avoid this kind of crap, which is
totally nullified by 'flat-volumes = yes' ! Proposal: use 'flat-volumes
= no' as the default in '/etc/pulse/daemon.conf'. I think the user is
clever enough to handle the volume sliders himself. And only because
Vista or W7 fiddles with the master volume in this _sick_ way, we don't
need that as well. Reproducible: Always Steps to Reproduce: 1. play a
song 2. increase the volume for the app. using pavucontrol or with the
app. itself 3. master volume is pushed up as well Expected Results: The
user should be the _only_ one messing with MASTER VOLUME.

Business case (Partner benefit): With 'flat-volumes=yes' it is possible to get permanent
hearing damage if unexpected volume surges are forced into the user's
ears! Again with this feature enabled _any_ application that uses
pulseaudio can set the master volume to 100%. That might be tolerable
with a stereo system with a manual volume knob, but on a laptop +
headphones this is close to a criminal assault.

#1: Roger Luedecke (shadowolf7) (2011-09-16 03:33:48)
Never had this problem myself, but it is an easy fix and should be

#2: Christoph Obexer (cobexer) (2011-09-17 15:19:05)
why is this feature for openSUSE-11.4 and not for 12.1? why is this a
feature and not a _bug_ report?
and for the W7 reference if i turn down the master volume and turn up
the volume in iTunes, it does not affect the master volume at all...

#3: robert spitzenpfeil (robert_spitzenpfeil) (2011-09-17 19:53:52)
(reply to #2)
Now you guys are pulling my leg, aren't you. a) why is this (still) for
11.4... because it is present since 11.4 and nobody did give a friggin'
damn about it. b) why is this not a bug report... IT IS! for 11.3... ( ) And why am I
writing here? Because some dude told me this: "Please discuss on
openFATE" Seriously, I wonder why I even write bug reports anymore...
Does anybody even care about stuff like this?
c) OK, maybe W7 doesn't suck as much as Vista.

+ #4: robert spitzenpfeil (robert_spitzenpfeil) (2011-09-17 20:06:11)
+ I've filed a bug against 12.1
+ If I'm _again_ told to discuss it here, I will switch to Ubuntu and
+ burn every single openSUSE medium I can find.

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