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[openFATE 312585] Iceweasel instead of Firefox
Feature changed by: Markus K (KAMiKAZOW)
Feature #312585, revision 3
Title: Iceweasel instead of Firefox

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Kim Leyendecker (openlhag)
Partner organization:

With the new scheme of version numbers at Mozilla (called by myself
"the idiot scheme") and the result, that the add-on-developers need to
do a major-port every 3-6 months, I think it's necessary to drop
Firefox and set Iceweasel instead as default.

Use Case:
The normal firefox-user will get a more stable ff-release
The user will get more add-ons because the Iceweasel is still on the
3.6.x firefox base which gets support.

Business case (Partner benefit): It would be easier for us to garantee a full time support
for Firefox during the whole release cycle of openSUSE 12.1

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Markus K (kamikazow) (2011-06-28 16:40:31)
+ Someone who calls others an idiot should not act as one
+ himself/herself. Neither Mozilla's classic extension API nor the new
+ default API (aka. Jetpack) change a lot over the releases. For classic
+ extensions the developer usually only has to bump the version number in
+ install.rdf. Additionally: Since Plasma Desktop is the default DE,
+ switching to another non-KDE browser makes no sense. If anything,
+ rekonq or Konqueror+WebKit should be default.
+ The GNOME team could choose a "home grown" browser like Epiphany.

openSUSE Feature:

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