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[New: openFATE 312573] OBS Additional CentOS build repos.
Feature added by: Justin Yaple (yaplej)

Feature #312573, revision 1
Title: OBS Additional CentOS build repos.

Buildservice: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Justin Yaple (yaplej)
Partner organization:

I think it would be great if we could import additional repos into the build
enviroment for specific platforms.

In my case to build my package it requires libnetfilter_queue-devel and
libnfnetlink-devel neither of these are avaliable in the standard CentOS repos
but they are avaliable from the fairly standard/trusted CentALT repos.

We should be able to add additional repos to the build enviroment to satisfy
these build requirements. Either have the ability to add them or have an option
to enable some additional pre-defined repos to satisfy the build requirements.

openSUSE Feature:

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