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[openFATE 312496] Explicit IPv6 support for YaST printer module
Feature changed by: Satoru Matsumoto (HeliosReds)
Feature #312496, revision 2
Title: Explicit IPv6 support for YaST printer module

- openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
+ openSUSE Distribution: Duplicate of #312491
+ Master status: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Johannes Meixner (jsmeix)
Partner organization:

Currently there is not any kind of special IPv6 support in yast2-
printer. Currently IPv6 works only where it is compatible to IPv4 but
there are cases where IPv6 needs special handling: For example the
tests whether or not a remote host is accessible run "ping <IP-address
or hostname>" which fails if IP-address is an IPv6 address because for
IPv6 ping6 must be used. See
Unfortunately ping6 cannot be used for IPv4 addresses so that yast2-
printer needs to implement special distinction of cases in particular
if a hostname is given depending on whether or not this hostname has an
IPv4 or IPv6 address or both.
Probably there are some more special distinction of cases needed to
distinguish between IPv4 and IPv6 stuff.

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