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[openFATE 312120] Make default KDE theme greenish, to match whole system
Feature changed by: m s (miki100)
Feature #312120, revision 9
Title: Make default KDE theme greenish, to match whole system

openSUSE 12.1: Unconfirmed
Requester: Mandatory

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Mandatory

Package Wishlist: Unconfirmed
Requester: Mandatory

Requested by: Dino E (d_e)
Partner organization:

We really need to make default KDE theme green, to match whole system
greenish appearance. It's involves just two steps: make default green
icon set (like

) and make default green colours (like

Business case (Partner benefit): It's kinda ugly when you have blue icons and colours in
otherwise green system. Also blue is highly overused nowadays -
remember default themes in windows xp-7, mac os x, and tons of other
linux distributions.

#1: m s (miki100) (2011-03-25 18:04:22)
Yes, that is great idea. I also wanted to submit it. Gnome version of
openSUSE has its great Sonar theme, while KDE desktop always sticks
with blue Oxygen. Changing colour scheme to this from description would
be good (I also changed my color scheme to that), changing icons too.
openSUSE was and will be green ;) Have a lot of fun! :)

#2: Benjamin Misja (alvanx) (2011-03-28 12:57:03)
I created Ordinary Green, and I fully agree that openSUSE shouldn't use
the default blue KDE colors. (Thank you for taking my color scheme as
an example! :-) ) For icons though, too much green might make it look
unprofessional. There might be a point for using green instead of blue
folder icons. Take Mint, for example: I think they (used to) go a
little too far on greenifying everything (now they use Faenza for most
things, which looks real nice). No problem with a few good accents of
green on those awesome Oxygen icons though.

#3: m s (miki100) (2011-06-06 15:35:27)
I created another color scheme, which we could use in KDE. It is based
on Sonar from GNOME. More details on my blog here:

#4: melchiaros melchiaros (melchiaros) (2011-06-07 18:51:40)
All green?
It would be a consistent style, but ... it could be a little bit to
much. Green and blue is as combination quite o.k. You know blue make
you be stay in freedom. Very good when the system is not so smooth

+ #5: m s (miki100) (2011-06-08 09:23:20) (reply to #4)
+ OK, maybe my color scheme is a bit too green, but Benjamin Misja's
+ Ordinary Green fits openSUSE much better than default KDE colors,
+ because now only wallpaper is green. Of course please don't think that
+ I'm obsessed with green color ;) . I only don't understand why we can't
+ change default blue colors to green.

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