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[openFATE 309183] Localized package descriptions
Feature changed by: Mindaugas Baranauskas (embar-)
Feature #309183, revision 6
Title: Localized package descriptions

Buildservice: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

openSUSE-11.3: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Markus K (kamikazow)
Partner organization:

Currently software descriptions are only available in English, even
though YaST/zypper itself is translated.
Solution: Build Service should extract the translated names and
descriptions from included .desktop files. YaST/zypper should display
the correct description based on system language setting.
The app-install project from PackageKit tries to solve exactly this

Business case (Partner benefit): Improve the accessibility for users who don't understand

#1: Johannes Obermayr (jobermayr) (2010-03-17 16:58:24)
AFAIK it is not possible:
Markus, we two are both German KDE translators.
When translating KDE we have Scripty which looks in .desktop files for
i.e. the "Name=untranslated" tag and extracts it to desktop_*.pot. We
translate it and store it in a desktop_*.po on KDE's SVN Server. Next
day Scripty updates the related .desktop file with i.e. "Name[de]
=tranlation" tag. I.e. KDE and Gnome can handle this new tag.
With RPM we have "Summary:" tag and "%descripion" section. But AFAIK
RPM cannot handle a "Summary[de]:" tag and "%description[de]" section.
So first of all RPM must be able to handle tags for translations ...
And second problem is that every time a script or (wo)men updates the
spec file OBS triggers a rebuild ...
But it could also be that I have wrong information about RPM ...

#2: Markus K (kamikazow) (2010-03-21 16:30:50) (reply to #1)
If RPM has that limitation, it should be removed.
And at least in the main repos, packages don't get rebuilt all the

+ #3: Mindaugas Baranauskas (embar-) (2011-06-03 17:53:23)
+ It is possible to translate descriptions for long time ago. See *.po
+ files here:
+ . Join to openSUSE translation team:

openSUSE Feature:

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