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[openFATE 312275] automated bugreporting - whole system
Feature changed by: melchiaros melchiaros (melchiaros)
Feature #312275, revision 4
Title: automated bugreporting - whole system

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: melchiaros melchiaros (melchiaros)
Partner organization:

It is a nasty jop to report bugs to the openSUSE bugzilla by hand. A
automated bugreporting for the whole openSUSE OS like in KDE (drkonqi)
would be great. It would save time for the user, improve the frequency
of bugreports for the project(I guess many bugs don´t find the way to
bugzilla), and a coupling to a stacktrace or logfiles would improve the
quality of the bugreports in the openSUSE bugzilla. Good for the user,
good for the quality of openSUSE, not so good for a developer(->many

#1: Steven Sroka (lin-unix) (2011-05-01 23:48:38)
As of the end of April, this kind of project has been accepted into
Search through the openSUSE newsletter or check:

+ #2: melchiaros melchiaros (melchiaros) (2011-05-02 12:29:30)
+ Yes, I´ve saw it just after I´ve brought up this request. But, let it
+ open and give the community the chance to vote for or reject it. May be
+ it gives a good motivation for a good implementation.

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