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[openFATE 311362] Remove pulseaudio from default installation again
Feature changed by: José Simón (simon37)
Feature #311362, revision 7
Title: Remove pulseaudio from default installation again

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Mandatory

Requested by: Dean Hilkewich (deanjo13)
Partner organization:

Since having pulseaudio again activated as default not one of the
systems that I have installed 11.4 had a working audio system. Remove
pulse from the default installation again as it does nothing but break
working installations. This has been verified across multiple sound
cards and setups. Don't get rid of the pulseaudio packages, just take
them out of the default installation pattern.

Business case (Partner benefit): Pulse audio is supposed to deliver several high level
features like network transparency, etc. Most users do not need those
features so for them pulse just add another layer of complexity. It is
necessary to install several libraries to gain complete control of the
sound system (the same control that those users have since years
through alsa and kmix, for example), and that for someone who only need
to listen his/her local music collection is too much.
Default systems must be simple , with the ability to add (also in a
simple way) the advanced features. Unless some "patterns" are set to
use during install (one for "normal" users who do not need pulse, other
for those who want it out of the box) to NOT force new users to face
the more complex scheme (i.e., to not install pulse by default but
leave it as a choice) is a good solution.

#1: Walter Forbes (wforbes) (2011-02-27 03:28:48)
Removing Pulse from the default installation would be perhaps the
wisest choice for opensuse 11.4. There is no point in subjecting users
to the absolutely frustrating punishment of distorted and often
sporadic sound as a result of pulse audio. Until pulse is reliable and
bug free ALSA is a wise choice - it works!

#2: Ricardo Gabriel Berlasso (rgbsuse) (2011-02-27 15:59:52)
Just added a "user benefit" entry. I understand that there are people
who would like to use pulse (on the net you can read praises and
attacks almost on the same measure), but I think an easy "switch" for
those who do not want to use it is important.

#3: Carlos Mafra (crmafra) (2011-03-07 12:40:57)
I agree. The default should be as simple as possible, with the
possibility to add fancy stuff if needed.
Someone who needs network transparency will know how to get it, there's
no need to force that upon users for which 'sound' means just being
able to control the volume.

+ #4: José Simón (simon37) (2011-03-09 18:36:00)
+ I haven't been able to get it working properly in two different
+ machines with different hardware. And there's no point in having to
+ uninstall it and lock the package, because it's part of the default
+ installation. I think the project is not mature enough to be shipped
+ with a distro which is supposed to be stable. Although in my opinion
+ the whole idea of pulseaudio is great, it still needs some time,
+ especially in KDE.

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