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[openFATE 310178] gnome-schedule as standard in Gnome desktop
Feature changed by: Casual J. Programmer (casualprogrammer)
Feature #310178, revision 10
Title: gnome-schedule as standard in Gnome desktop

Package Wishlist: Unconfirmed
Requester: Neutral

Requested by: Philippe Duchenne (amigaphil)
Partner organization:

gnome-schedule is a front-end GUI for cron.  It's easier to use for Mr
Joe than setting a cron job from console.  IMHO, it should be part of
the standard openSUSE distribution of the Gnome desktop.
Licence: GPL
Requires: GTK+, Python

- Add Package gnome-schedule (feature/duplicate: 311347 )

#1: Ned Ulbricht (ned_ulbricht) (2010-07-23 13:46:05)
Who is "Mr Joe"?
Did you meet him personally--and he told you what would be easier for
him?  Or are there some poll results, or usability-study results?
Look, if it would be easier for you , then that's ok.  Or if it would
make it easier for you to support your users.
Generally, I think software should optimize for the common case .   I'm
not sure that this "Mr Joe" you talk about is the typical openSUSE

#2: Philippe Duchenne (amigaphil) (2010-07-23 19:06:07) (reply to #1)
In French, I would have said "Mr tout-le-monde".  Let's say the average
user.  (I think you guess it, don"t you ?)
I'm/was a "Mr Joe", and I was a puzzled newbie when I first tried to
set a cron job.  Now I can use crontab, but I still find gnome-schedule
handy to create/review/modify cron jobs as it has a verbose, localized
GUI which allows you to select "Every day from Monday to Friday at 10:
20 pm" instead of writing an entry like "20 10 * * 1-5 ..." with
(usually) vi.
gnome-schedule is not a replacement, it's a tool.  Don't use it if you
don't need it; having it installed by default will not prevent you to
use cron the way you like.  I'm confident that most openSUSE users who
are looking for a "scheduler" will find it easy to use.
(BTW, the equivalent for KDE is kcron.)

#3: Casual J. Programmer (casualprogrammer) (2011-02-23 19:15:50)
(reply to #1)
Hi Ned, if you were the "typical" openSUSE user, most of the features
requiring run level 5 could safely be dropped. In fact, openSUSE as
well as other Distributions try to attract users from Windows, they are
surely needing some comfort, topping that of MS if they are going to
switch. Apart from that, please note: "Gnome-schedule is provided by
various Linux distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora,
Gentoo..." If you can't be helpful, at least have the decency to be
quiet. Have a lot of fun...

#4: Dominique Leuenberger (dimstar) (2011-02-24 16:02:26)
gnome-schedule has been packaged in home:dimstar:branches:GNOME:Apps
and requested for inclusion into GNOME:Apps.
Anybody willing to test can help increase the quality of the package
before it ends up in the real repositoris.

+ #5: Casual J. Programmer (casualprogrammer) (2011-02-28 12:18:52)
+ (reply to #4)
+ Dominique, you made my day ! Thank You ! For the sake of other dummies
+ like myself here is the full path to the rpm:
+ If I didn't play around with the openSUSE build service, I would have had
+ a hard time finding it :-)

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