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[New: openFATE 311185] Release packages via merge request
Feature added by: Adrian Schröter (adrianSuSE)

Feature #311185, revision 1
Title: Release packages via merge request

Buildservice: Evaluation by project manager
Milestone: 2.3
Requester: Mandatory
Projectmanager: Mandatory

Requested by: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse)
Project Manager: (Novell)
Technical Contact: (Novell)
Technical Contact: (Novell)
Partner organization:

To release binaries and sources without changes from one project to another
one, we need a request for this.

The binaries needs to be merged into an existing repository, but they must not
be rebuild in any case.

The merge request can be used in multiple ways

action type="merge" source project="..." package="..." repository="..." target
project="..." package="..." repository="..." /action

The only hard required information of this request is the source project. It
would lead to merge all sources and binaries to the source linked package
sources and all binaries to the repos linked via path.

All other attributes may be used to filter the merge sources or targets.

Using no filters may have a disadvantage in using the request search later on.

openSUSE Feature:

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