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[openFATE 311130] Open source client to manage VMware ESX(i) Servers
Feature changed by: Yuri Tsarev (xnull)
Feature #311130, revision 7
Title: Open source client to manage VMware ESX(i) Servers

Hackweek VI: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Yuri Tsarev (xnull)
Developer: (Novell)
Partner organization:

An open source client to perform basic administration management of
VMware ESX(i) Servers.
Client should provide ability of virtual machine creation and
administration, accessing VM console remotely, snapshotting, changing
main VM parameters such as memory/disk size, iso image connecting etc.

Use Case:
Bob is a Linux administrator. He has to manage VMware ESXi 4 Servers
but he doesn't want to use VMware VSphere client for Windows. It's very
convenient for him to use an open source client for this purposes which
runs on his Linux desktop.

#1: James Tan (jatan11) (2011-01-24 19:21:42)
libvirt [1] can already talk to ESX. So you probably want to extend
something like virt-manager [2] (desktop application) or ovirt [3] (web
[1] ( [2] [3]

#2: Yuri Tsarev (xnull) (2011-01-24 19:41:12) (reply to #1)
Actually my current working prototype using more rude and simple
approach of sending management commands and creating vmx configs via
ssh in the background. I have to look more deeply on libvirt
Thanks for a great tip, James !

#3: Brandon Philips (philipsb) (2011-01-24 21:19:16)
It would be great to have a libvirt backend for Vagrant. :)

+ #4: Yuri Tsarev (xnull) (2011-01-31 11:16:13)
+ I composed small CLI ruby app on top of libvirt which covers basic ESX
+ management functionality. If you want to check it out, please grab it
+ on
+ Libvirt package with enabled esx driver available in
+ repo.

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