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[openFATE 310981] openSUSE Software Portal
Feature changed by: Pascal Bleser (pbleser)
Feature #310981, revision 7
Title: openSUSE Software Portal New
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Denny Beyer (lumnis)
Partner organization:

Have you every heard or seen the openSUSE software portal? Why is it so
well hidden on the website? This should be well visible and accessible
through a much more prominent location, e.g. the iso software download

Business case (Partner benefit): Users, especially new linux/oss software users need a
good starting point to search for software that might help them. The
software portal does that, it's a shame it's not more accessible.

#1: Rajko Matovic (rajko_m) (2010-12-20 07:25:48)
It is available from landing page and it is on .

#2: Denny Beyer (lumnis) (2010-12-20 07:38:43) (reply to #1)
Sorry, but no. I'm not talking about the software search, but about
Please try to follow the use case above!

+ #3: Pascal Bleser (pbleser) (2011-01-26 23:49:16) (reply to #2)
+ A long while ago, Benjamin Weber and I implemented the Software Portal.
+ Even though we blogged and emailed about it, as well as made a
+ presentation about it at the first openSUSE conference, no one was
+ interested in participating -- at least in terms of coding, we have a
+ few good fellows who volunteered for testing. So we went on hacking,
+ and it's pretty much functional. But even then, no one was interested.
+ We eventually gave up because it just needed too much time for just two
+ people, and both of us had so many other things on the plate. At this
+ years' openSUSE conference, I stumbled (by chance) into a session about
+ implementing an "app store"-alike for openSUSE (and other distributions
+ as well, if possible). Even there, no one knew about it, and in the
+ mean time there were a few other implementations (even though none of
+ them is functional and having a smaller feature scope). So we discussed
+ a few things, and the decision was made to use OCS and the stuff Frank
+ Karlitschek had started to hack, which has been coined project "Bretzn"
+ since then. I don't think much happened on that since then. And then, a
+ very few days ago, there was a workshop in N├╝rnberg with folks from
+ other distributions to, again, but this time across distros (which is
+ extremely cool), come up with ideas and a plan to develop... an app
+ store alike for Linux distributions. I wasn't invited, and part of the
+ people there didn't know about the Software Portal, and some did, but..
+ go figure. Not sure I'll try to contribute to the topic because I'm
+ rather disgusted at how all the hard work Benjamin and I have put into
+ this implementation (as well as the experience doing it) is just left
+ aside, and because of choices of technologies like it's 1999. We'll
+ see. Anyway, and as one can read from the above, I'm rather sour, to
+ say the least, on how it all went, especially because that's the kind
+ of things I very much want to prevent from happening in the project.
+ Hope that answers your question on why it isn't more prominent and why
+ almost no one knows about it.

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