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[openFATE 311117] Team activity vote.
Feature changed by: Sun Yan (sunyan)
Feature #311117, revision 3
Title: Team activity vote.

Hackweek VI: Unconfirmed
Requester: Neutral

Requested by: yfjiang Jiang (yfjiang)
+ Developer: (Novell)
+ QA Tester: (Novell)
Partner organization:

We intend to implement a web-based application to allow people managing
a customizable polling system, as well as showing convenient statistics
of the voting results in both web page and download-able odf format. We
call the tool 'Snoek'.

Use Case:
Shuang wants to organize a team building and bring people for dinner
after that. She logs into Snoek and create a new team building activity
with proper summary like 'Team building in August 2011'. Except for the
basic description of the activity, in the activity creation page, she
also needs to create a deadline for the activity. After that, polls
needed to be defined for the activity: Pool 1 - Which game do you want
to play in team building? option 1. option 2. option 3. Poll 2 - Where
do you want to go have dinner after team building? option 1. option 2.
option 3. Poll 3 - Which food do you prefer to have in the dinner?
option 1. option 2. option 3. Then Shuang submit the activity and send
mail to related people to ask them vote before deadline. After deadline
Shuang revisited the activity page she created, and the tool will show
her the number of people voting stats, which could be the basis of
choice for team building and dinner.
She can finally export the data into odf format.

Business case (Partner benefit): Some times, we need statistics of internal preference of
choice to, for example, where do we want to go team building? what size
of t-shirt do people want in hackweek? which restaurant do we want to
go dinner? These kind of stats can be only done manually at the moment,
which could be painful and the questionnaires are usually not re-
usable. We target to bring convenience typically described in the user
case description section.

#1: Cornelius Schumacher (cschum) (2011-01-23 21:17:17)
What framework are you going to use to implement this tool?

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