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[openFATE 311075] aquarium OpenSuse machine
Feature changed by: Daniel Lee (erget)
Feature #311075, revision 6
Title: aquarium OpenSuse machine

Hackweek VI: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: mMrtin Caj (mcaj)
Partner organization:

We have some old hardware (like an old main board, RAM memory, VGA
cards etc ). We would like to use them for creating: aquarium OpenSuse
machine : It is workstation witch is install in an aquarium and in
stand of water there is a pure mineral oil (it looks like water but it
doesn't el. stream)
this will be similar to his machine:

Business case (Partner benefit): aquarium OpenSuse machine will be place in Prague
reception.So the visitors can see, that Suse is working in the hard
condition (because the aquarium with pure mineral oil looks as the PC
is underwater ;-) ) As a Hackweek project it is hand made work, witch
is different that usually software task.
I will also create howto for other users and publish it on opensuse
plant web site.
We can record the progress of building it on video tape as well.

#1: Jan Kara (jankara) (2011-01-17 18:14:31)
It would be even cooler to have fish in the aquarium ;) I suppose
normal fish would not last long but we could find a way to fit LCD in
there and fish could be at least on the LCD ;).

#2: Michal Marek (michal-m) (2011-01-17 23:45:59) (reply to #1)
Plastic or rubber fish would be more realistic and cheaper.
Can't wait to see this in action :D

#3: Petr Ostadal (bruclik) (2011-01-18 23:13:01)
It is very old idea, TPC Jicin's company did it 17 years ago on INVEX
exhibition, company used silicon oil for this trick. TPC had whole PC,
CRT monitor and open hard disk inside aquarium. Vlada Nadvornik saw it
in shop window in Jicin. 10 years ago Mironet company improved such
idea and prepare aquarium for INVEX exhibition with PC, real fishes,
water weeds (see photo1
( and
photo2 (
). It was not a joke, pc really worked and fishes some time nibbled RAM
and PCI bus ;). Mironet's solution was probably a hack for a short
exhibition time only , because visitors saw corrosion of metal parts,
but Mironet didn't tell how it was prepared. Aquarium with fishes and
PC is old idea but a real challenge :).

+ #4: Daniel Lee (erget) (2011-01-19 15:36:29)
+ I don't really see the reason for making this a feature request,
+ although it is a cool idea.

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