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[openFATE 311030] Add the new ZFS file system Kernel module
Feature changed by: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh)
Feature #311030, revision 4
Title: Add the new ZFS file system Kernel module

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Di Pe (dipe)
Partner organization:

This is very cool, ZFS will be available on Linux in a few days and it
will have decent performance.

Business case (Partner benefit): * ZFS is an Enterprise level file system that many poeple
trust with large amounts of data (>100TB) * ZFS is much easier to use
than the combination of linux RAID, LVM and EXT4 * ZFS supports
checksumming which prevents bit rot. * ZFS supports compression and
deduplication * strong support for ZFS will drive new users to openSUSE
* Hardware RAID Controllers are adding a layer between OS and hard
drives that can be hard to monitor with linux tools. * BTRFS is not yet
ready today (it does not support RAID5 and is lacking many other
features) * Ubuntu server will have it.
Why would you not want ZFS?

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2011-01-10 02:54:26)
+ Why one would not want ZFS? Because it has only seen serious use on
+ Solaris, because that is where the money is. So excuse if I trust Linux
+ implementations of ZFS only as much as the current btrfs. (And just
+ because you did mention it: Ubuntu having something is not a meaningful
+ metric. If anything, it's an indication of what not to do - think of
+ 'startup')

openSUSE Feature:

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