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[openFATE 311021] Get rid of the Christmas bootloader screen
Feature changed by: Kjetil Kilhavn (kjetil_kilhavn)
Feature #311021, revision 9
Title: Get rid of the Christmas bootloader screen

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Uwe Buckesfeld (buckesfeld)
Partner organization:

Every year around Christmas, openSUSE changes the bootloader screen to
some winter wonderland with animated penguins. To me it is confusing,
annoying and childish. Please remove it from future releases.

#1: Peter Gumbrell (gumb) (2010-12-28 13:21:55)
I hate Christmas, but I love the penguin boot menu.
Remember the openSUSE motto - 'Have a lot of fun'. If this proposal
gets adopted we'll have to change it to 'Somebody is trying to spoil
your fun'.

#2: Jimmy Berry (boombatower) (2010-12-28 16:56:16)
I look forward to seeing that bootloader...nice to spice things up.

#3: Jakub Rusinek (liviopl) (2010-12-29 12:45:31)
I disagree. If you don't want it, better ask to split packages and
remove it from your system. I'm Christian and have nothing against
Christmas flavour in my computer. If Muslims and others boycott
Christmas, let them have a spin of SUSE. Hey, they already can make it!
There's SUSE Studio.
And you, if you don't like it, prepare yourself custom system. No

+ #8: Kjetil Kilhavn (kjetil_kilhavn) (2011-01-05 00:24:34) (reply to
+ #3)
+ I am not a Christian, and I too enjoy this theme celebrating the winter
+ solstice - so let's keep the winter login theme.
+ As any informed person knows, Christmas is just one of the many
+ attempts to change a traditional celebration to a Christian
+ celebration. As an atheist I refuse to let such details spoil the fun.

#4: Stanley Miller (stan_qaz) (2011-01-02 06:07:38)
Try this:
gfxboot --change-config penguin=0

#5: Stratos Zolotas (elksi) (2011-01-02 14:01:23)
The worst openfate request i have seen...
You can disable it if you don't like it.

#6: John Hudson (john_hudson) (2011-01-02 14:14:44)
I like the idea but I think it would be nice to have some variety - as
one southern hemisphere user pointed out, it isn't appropriate for
them. So perhaps this is a feature which needs some tlc to reflect the
wide range of openSUSE users.

#7: Patrick Klatt (pilgervater) (2011-01-04 10:46:11)
Hello, i commented already in the forum that you can switch off your
Grub Pingus with gfxboot --change-config penguin=0
So why did you ask for that request? Its not feature when something is

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