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[openFATE 311037] let partitioner create faster RAID
Feature changed by: Bernhard Wiedemann (bmwiedemann)
Feature #311037, revision 2
Title: let partitioner create faster RAID

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Bernhard Wiedemann (bmwiedemann)
Partner organization:

Both mkfs.ext[234] and mkfs.xfs have options to tune the filesystem for
striped RAID (i.e. RAID0/RAID10), so it would be nice if yast2/disk
could make use of it. The options are -E stride=x -E stripe-width=y and
-d sunit=x,swidth=y notice that units of above sizes may vary. There
are several sites out there describing how to choose the proper values
for x and y, e.g.

+ Discussion:
+ #1: Bernhard Wiedemann (bmwiedemann) (2011-01-04 16:14:20)
+ I have found this perl code doing the calculations #!/usr/bin/perl -w
+ use strict; my $raiddev="/dev/md0"; my $raidlevel=0; # one of 0,5,6 for
+ striping with 0,1,2 redundant disks my $blocksize=4; # FS block size
+ KiBiBytes my $chunksize=128; # 4-256 KiBiBytes (multiple of $blocksize)
+ my @physdevs=(); # ... # create new RAID system(qw(echo mdadm --
+ create), $raiddev, "--level", $raidlevel, "--chunk", $chunksize, "--
+ raid-devices", scalar @physdevs, @physdevs);
+ # create FS my $stripewidth=@physdevs; if($raidlevel==1)
+ {$stripewidth=1;} if($raidlevel==5) {$stripewidth--;} if($raidlevel==6)
+ {$stripewidth-=2;} $stripewidth*=$chunksize/$blocksize; system(qw(echo
+ mkfs.ext3 -b), $blocksize*1024, "-R", "stride=".
+ ($chunksize/$blocksize), "-R", "stripe-width=".$stripewidth,
+ $raiddev);

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