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[openFATE 307719] hplip-hpcups and assoicated packages
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  • Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 12:32:18 +0100 (CET)
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Feature changed by: Thomas Schmidt (digitaltomm)
Feature #307719, revision 5
Title: hplip-hpcups and assoicated packages

- openSUSE-11.3: Unconfirmed
+ openSUSE-11.4: Done
Requester: Desirable

Requested by: Kirk Kimmel (omf)
Partner organization:

One thing I have never understood is this hplip-hpcups package. If I
uninstall this package, hplip-hpijs is automatically marked for
install. If I uncheck that package as well and Accept the changes via
YaST2 Software Management these packages are removed.
However the next time I start Software Management hplip-hpijs is
checked to be installed again. The only way to stop this behavior is to
mark both packages as Taboo.
Shouldn't I be able to remove packages that are not needed without
having to jump through hoops to make sure they do not get installed
Currently running OpenSUSE 11.2 Milestone 6.

#1: Kirk Kimmel (omf) (2009-09-10 00:25:03)
I like to remove most of the cups packages from workstations that do
not need printer access in order to lower the amount of security
updates I have to apply later.

#2: Johannes Meixner (jsmeix) (2010-12-08 16:37:38)
See which reads:
"Make sure that the packages which provide the HPLIP software come from
one same repository (i.e. do not mix packages from PackMan with those
from openSUSE) ... openSUSE provides HPLIP in the packages hplip and
hplip-hpijs but PackMan provides HPLIP in the packages hplip and hplip-
hpcups" HPLIP does not work if the openSUSE packages hplip and hplip-
hpijs are installed together with a leftover PackMan package hplip-
hpcups. See https://bugzilla.novell.comshow_bug.cgi?id=515005#c17
For openSUSE 11.4 I added "Obsoletes: hplip-hpcups" in our hplip-hpijs
package to avoid this conflict.

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