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[openFATE 308152] KEEP Sax2's GUI in 11.2 Final!
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  • Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 14:08:57 +0100 (CET)
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Feature changed by: Satoru Matsumoto (HeliosReds)
Feature #308152, revision 8
Title: KEEP Sax2's GUI in 11.2 Final!

- openSUSE-11.3: Unconfirmed
+ openSUSE-11.3: Duplicate of #308357
Requester: Important

Requested by: Tara Ikeda (taraikeda)
Partner organization:

Relying on KDE4's xrandr is nonsense, I never had it work right for me.
The issue is that when you do change the resolution in KDE4 it does
stay but only for that session, its my biggest gripe with KDE 4 right
now is that its monitor detection tools default to whatever resolution
the system. its stupid to rely on KDE4's screen resolution tool! If you
install your system and it does not detect your best resolution it
might stick you with an inferior resolution. My default resolution is
800x600 and I want my best resolution 1024x768, but with Sax2 gone I
have to rely on KDE4's resolution settings tool. Sounds easy enough
right? WRONG! If your system defaults to the small resolution guess
what, your screwed if KDE4 does not remember your desired resolution.
And for me it never did, I always needed something like Mandriva's
control center or Sax2. I get stuck with 800x600, its why I cant use
Kubuntu! What are we trying to make openSUSE like Kubuntu, so that when
you need a higher resolution by default you have to edit xorg and crap
like that? Sax2 needs to remain, it is impossible for me to rely on
KDE4's buttf%$&ed resolution tool and its inability to save my desired
resolution. The people who suggested it be removed need thier heads
examined, we need the GUI tool for new users. If we take a useful tool
like this away it will be foolish, to remove the GUI and have people
use the commandline to access this useful tool boarders on stupidity.
If the team wants to attract more new users you must keep Sax's GUI
there, I think its screwed up that you people suggested it to be
removed. And to see it actually go through is another stupid move,
whoever okayed this stupid idea must be six times as stupid.

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+ - (feature/duplicate: 308357)

#1: Kevin Coonan (kevinc_md) (2010-03-01 16:57:48)
I too have had zero luck w/ xrandr, particularly w/ my Thinkpad X200s
(Intel GMA).
Sax2 is solid, useful, and usually gets it right.
It would be useful to have a "view xorg" (text and some more user
friendly) w/ current -> proposed change ADDED to Sax2, and perhaps a
mechanism to call the NVIDIA configuration script (which usually has
done well w/ getting things started) for those who use NVIDA cards.
However, I would never suggest removing it.

+ #2: Satoru Matsumoto (heliosreds) (2010-12-20 14:08:44)
+ I think this feature is very similar to
+ Please discuss this featuere there.

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