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[openFATE 306396] diff local files against server package without check in
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 15:59:12 +0100 (CET)
  • Message-id: <feature-306396-4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Feature changed by: Sascha Peilicke (saschpe)
Feature #306396, revision 4
Title: diff local files against server package without check in

Buildservice: Evaluation by engineering manager
Requester: Desirable
Projectmanager: Neutral

Requested by: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse)
Project Manager: (Novell)
Engineering Manager: (Novell)
Developer: (Novell)
Developer: Peter Poeml (poeml)
Partner organization:

there are requests to be able to diff a local version of a package
against a server version. "osc diff" is already diffing local changes
against last checked out version, but this request is asking for
diffing including local changes against a given
This means the client need to upload local modified files to the server
and ask him for a diff.

#1: Michael Schröder (mlschroe) (2009-05-04 17:37:18)
I don't follow this. Why does that mean the the client needs to upload

#2: Adrian Schröter (adriansuse) (2009-05-04 17:48:01) (reply to #1)
Hm, alternative solution is to download all files which are different
and to diff them locally.
Note that this speaks about comparing uncommited changes to a random
server project, which is not accessable locally.

+ #3: Sascha Peilicke (saschpe) (2010-12-17 15:58:59)
+ Generally this means to be able to diff arbitrary (and possibly)
+ unrelated projects/packages against each other, right? I'm not sure if
+ this really what we should provide.
+ Currently, the user can simulate this by downloading both projects /
+ packages (one may be his locally modified package) and use the diff
+ tool.

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